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The Leader in Laser Bore Alignment Technology Hamar Laser manufactures the most accurate, versatile and portable bore alignment laser systems available: The L-705, L-706 and L-708. Both systems feature a multitude of options, including self-centering, see-through, 2-axis and 4-axis targets, hand-held readouts, and Windows-based software to display and analyze alignment data in real time. L-705, L-706 and L-708 Bore Alignment Lasers can be used for a variety of bore alignment and measurement applications: extruder barrels, engine blocks, stern tubes, turbines, and many more.
Results 3x Faster Than Optical Bore Scopes or Tight Wire With Hamar, alignment of bores and extruder barrels is fast and easy: Setup takes 10 to 15 minutes, and overall alignments are done up to 3x faster than with optical bore scopes or tight wire. Because alignment data is real time, misaligned bores can be brought into tolerance very quickly. A 10' (3 m) bore can be measured for straightness every foot (300 mm) in under 10 minutes!

Laser systems are highly accurate, easy-to-use bore alignment lasers that can be used for virtually any bore alignment application. Bores ranging from 1.5" (38.1 mm) to 36" (914 mm) or more can easily be accommodated. The L-705 is used for bore alignments out to 50 feet (15 M) and the L-706 is used from 50 to 110 feet (15 M to 33.5 M). Both lasers feature battery operation and micrometer-controlled angular adjustments, and both lasers are centered to their housings to within .0005" (.013 mm).

L-705 is designed for an operating range of 15m. L-706 and L-708 instead are larger distance, up to 33m typical application Turbines and Compressors

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