L-730/740 Series * Laser Systems for Geometric Alignment

The L-743 Triple Scan Laser Alignment System is one of only 2 lasers (the other is the L-733) in the world to offer 3 automatically rotating laser planes that are accurate enough for today's ever-increasing tolerances. This creates not only a powerful measurement tool for surface flatness, squareness and straightness MEASUREMENTS, but also a tool that FIXES alignment problems in a fraction of the time needed with conventional methods.

s-660 s-670 s-680 stealth series * shaft alignment systems

New series Stealth for shaft alignment consisting of 4 Wireless systems (S-660 S-670 S-680 S-680B) that offer you maximum flexibility of choice for the system that best suits your needs.
The S-680 - Wireless shaft alignment system 5-axis - is the most accurate on the market, with the patented technology Dual Beam and Duo Plane represents the new generation of the alignment shafts and couplings..


The L-700 Spindle Alignment System has been helping Detroit build quality automobiles for over 10 years. Prior to the L-700, transfer lines were aligned with indicators and alignment bars. This often resulted in frequent shutdowns due to poorly aligned spindles causing premature tool wear. Poor alignment also resulted in high reject rates, excessive downtime and poor productivity. On one line alone, the L-700 was able to save one GM plant $1.2 million in reduced tooling costs and downtime in the first year of operation after laser aligning the whole transfer line. The L-700 can also be used for aligning the critical components of a lathe, aligning spindle boxes of large rotary dial machines, aligning the output shaft to the centerline of a twin-barrel extruder and many other applications.

L-705 L-705 L-708 * BORE LASER SYSTEMS

Il sistema di allineamento laser per diametri interni L-705/L-706 pu˛ virtualmente essere usato per ogni applicazione di allinemento fori da 38.1mm a 914mm di diametro e distanze fino a 15m per L-705 e 30m per L-706. Entrambi i laser operano a batterie, sono forniti di micometri per l'allineamento angolare e sono centrati rispetto alla custodia entro 13*10-9m. L'alesamentro laser L-705 (L-706), pur con un prezzo competitivo, Ŕ il pi¨ accurato sistema di allineamento per estrusori del mercato.

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