Systems L730-L740

Principles of Operation:
LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Lasers radiate in a single wavelength, in one direction and in a straight line, and are detected by position sensing detectors (PSDs). PSDs detect and convert the center of energy of the laser spot into a calibrated digital reading for output to a hand-held readout or computer interface. Continuously sweeping laser planes are produced by bending a laser beam precisely 90° using an optical pentaprism. Hamar Laser applies a patented correction process to the pentaprisms to produce ultra-flat, continuously sweeping laser planes. Laser planes are used as references to measure the flatness, straightness or squareness of surfaces or machine axes. Three reference points are needed to make the laser plane parallel to a surface. However, only two points are needed to measure the straightness of an axis or a machine way. The laser plane is made parallel (“bucked in”) to a surface or line of motion by adjusting the pitch, roll or yaw of the laser base until the target displays the same reading at each reference point. The targets are then used to measure the deviation from the reference points up to 100 feet (30.5 meters) away from the laser. The data provided by the targets is automatically — and instantly — updated so the machine can be adjusted and the readout will show the movement. When it shows zero, it’s aligned! Hamar’s multi-plane lasers all feature laser planes that are orthogonal to each other and thus can be used to measure the squareness between surfaces or machine axes. In most cases with one setup, the laser can measure the squareness between all the axes of the machine tool.

Laser System Options:
Different applications require different levels of accuracy which is why we developed two basic families of laser alignment systems: L-730 Series. tolerances are not as critical (e.g. simple fabrication alignment checks, etc.) L-740 Series. Ultra-precise, used for more demanding “mission critical” tasks (e.g. aligning complex machine tool geometry, etc.) Each family of lasers is available in single, dual and triple-plane versions. Many of the features and accessories within the two families are the same. The key difference is the degree of accuracy. For example, with the L-730 Series, laser plane flatness is accurate to 2 arc seconds (.00012"/ft or 0.01 mm/M). With the L-740 Series it’s a more stringent 0.5 arcsec (.00003"/ft or 0.0025 mm/M). As would be expected, the tighter the tolerances and greater the accuracy level, the higher the price. Accordingly, the L-730 Series is an economical choice perfectly suitable for a wide range of alignment applications that do not require the ultra-precision attainable in our L-740 Series lasers.

L-730 & L-740 Series Features:
• Live data output to measure - then fix - misalignment, in real time.
• Continuously sweeping laser planes with a range of 100' (30.5 m) in radius.
• Built-in squareness measuring capability of up to .00006"/ft or 0.005 mm/M (multi-plane lasers only).
• Multiple targets displayed simultaneously for faster alignment and setup.
• Collect flatness and straightness data simultaneously.
• Work up to 70% faster than interferometers, theodolites, transits and other conventional methods.
• Easy to learn how to use, simple to operate.
• Able to collect complete geometry data on most machines in under 90 minutes.

Hamar’s Geometric Alignment Capabilities:

Flatness (Level)
• Tables and Separated Surfaces
• Machine Beds and Lines of Motion
• Rail,Vertical-Column and Cross-Rail Twist
• Surface Plates
• Pitch and Roll Angular Measurements

• Columns to Tables or Rails
• X to Y Axis,Z to X Axis and Z to Y Axis
• Gantry Stagger

• Machine Beds and Lines of Motion
• Column Travel
• Yaw Angular Measurement
• Beams or Other Structures

• Master Rail to Slave Rails on Gantries
• A,B,C & W Axes to Main Machine Axes
• Roll-to-Roll
• Platen to Platen,Ram to Ram

High-Accuracy, Economically-Priced Laser Alignment Systems

The L-730 Series of single, dual and triple-plane laser systems adapts Hamar’s metrology innovations to applications with less stringent alignment requirements like fabrication alignment, textile roll alignment, wood-working, and the water-jet/laser-cutting machine tool industries. You get the benefits of our high-accuracy laser systems, at a price that is easier to justify.
Precision Leveling Laser System
Precision Roll Alignment System
Precision Triple ScanGeometry Alignment System

L-730 Series Features:
•One, two or three auto-rotating laser   planes
•Accurate to .00012"/ft or 0.01 mm/M
•Laser plane orthogonality: .00012"/ft   or 0.01 mm/M
•Built-in, backlit level vials with   .00012"/ft or 0.01 mm/M accuracy
•Dimension measuring capability with   target height-gage feature
•3-axis adjustment base for fast setups

In addition, the L-730 Series lasers feature two target options: a) The A-1532 or A-1533 with a built-in readout, up to 3" (75mm) measuring range, and .001" (0.02 mm) resolution, or b) the A-1519 with wireless communication (to PDA), up to 1" (25 mm) measuring range,resolution to .00002" (0.0005 mm) and automatic data downloading into our machine geometry or surface analysis software.

Laser Alignment Systems for Complex, Ultra-Precise Applications

Our ultra-precision L-740 Series Laser Alignment Systems represent the pinnacle of achievement in laser alignment technology. With the L-743 Triple Scan® laser, measure flatness, straightness, and squareness simulta­neously, with one setup! Powerful machine geometry analysis software automatically downloads alignment data, corrects laser-slope and poor-reference-point errors and produces comprehensive alignment reports.

Ultra-Precision Leveling Laser
Ultra-Precision Leveling Laser (with Plumb Beam)
Ultra-Precision Dual Scan® Laser
Ultra-Precision Triple Scan® Laser

L-740 Series Features:
•One, two or three auto-rotating laser   planes
•Accurate to .00003"/ft or 0.0025   mm/M
•Laser plane orthogonality:.00006"/ft   or 0.005 mm/M
•Built-in,backlit level vials with   .00006"/ft or 0.005 mm/M accuracy
•3-axis adjustment base for fast setups

The system comes with 2 wireless target options: A) the A-1519 with 1" (25mm) measuring range and .00002" (0.0005 mm) resolution; or B) the A-1520 with .25" (10 mm) measuring range and .00001" (0.00025 mm) resolution. Our R-1310 wireless readout can display up to eight targets, four simultaneously. The A-910 wireless PC base station can download data from up to 99 targets at the same time.

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