STEALTH SERIES S-660 S-670 S-680

HAMAR has provided the most accurate alignment systems to different types of industries and applications developed 20 years ago the first alignment system 4-axis to mondo.L'esperienza and knowledge gained over the years has been used in the project tracking system, without wires for shafts and couplings S-660 S-670 and S-680 resulting in systems more accurate and easy classe.Quando of its joints are properly aligned can extend the life of engines, pumps, bearings and seals, increase productivity and reduce costly downtime caused by maintenance and repairs. Now Hamar Laser is the first to introduce real-time visualization of both floors alignment, provides a system for aligning joints of new generation which simplifies the research work and repair for misalignment problems. Experience has shown that the alignment of the laser power alone will significantly reduce power consumption, up to $ 300,000 a year, according to a new study of our customers in the United States. Your immediate savings, will pay the equipment in terms of months. The alignment time can also be reduced by 66%, or more, compared with the conventional and less accurate alignment methods. The alignment system shafts and couplings Hamar combines the accuracy of the laser, 5-axis, the dynamism, the real-time measurements with novel properties such as wireless communication and the bigger and clearer color display for data and charts alignment it is available.


You can not find a better and faster in the basic segment of the market to quickly and accurately align your rotating system.

Tecnologia: 2 lasers - 2 sensors     (2 lasers - 2 directions)
Tecnologia: Dual-Fan™   (2 lasers - 1 direction)
Dual-Fan™ technology for really fast alignments.
This innovative technology utilizes uni-directional laser beams (2 lasers,1 direction) that solves the move-screen sensitivity problem of “over-under" lasers (2 lasers, 2 directions) and makes aligning machines amazingly fast and easy, especially on long-distance applications. Dual-Fan™ technology also provides a very generous +/- 2 degrees of angular range plus an angular resolution that is the same at 2 inches (50 mm) or 15 feet (2.5 m) and is 4 times higher than the highest angular tolerance.The result? More jobs done in less time. (And happier managers).

Waterproof Bluetooth© wireless with the industry's longest battery life
With no cables to trip on or wrap around shafts, the S-660ST makes for a safer work area, while giving you the freedom to go wherever you need to be, for 14 hours before recharging the battery. Our standard, Class 2 Bluetooth wireless technology offers up to 33 feet of communication range, and for wet work sites, the IP67-rated T-1280 Target can be dunked in water up to 3 feet and still transmit data!

20x1 mm PSD detector - 1.0 Micron resolution
One of the laser industry’s highest-resolution single-axis PSD sensor, providing 1.0 micron resolution and a measuring area of 20x1 mm, among the best in its class.

Duo-Plane™ live move screen for faster, easier alignments The Duo-Plane™ live move screen and T-1280 3-Axis target allow you to view a live alignment screen for both the vertical and horizontal planes(4 axes) on the same screen. To switch between the vertical and horizontal axes, just rotate the shafts to a clock position and Couple6 automatically switches the H or V live axis without any buttons to push or screens to change, and the non-live axis is grayed out so there is no confusion!

5x higher accuracy for better repeatability and faster alignments.
High-resolution PSD technology, 60-point linearization and the latest electronic design reduce the error rate to <0.75%, which is up to 5x higher than our competitors’ entry-level lasers. Higher accuracy means better repeatability, more accurate shim calculations, and the confidence that when you see the green displays, the motor is aligned as accurately as possible. Higher accuracy also means fewer do-overs and faster alignments,especially on those tough alignment jobs.

Stealth Series™ offers several Windows rugged IP65
options with 9" or 10" screen.
Easy-Guide™ software navigation makes everyone a genius.
Our Couple6 software is every bit as brilliant as our hardware, featuring our Easy-Guide™ navigation with its easy-to-follow, high-quality color screens - leading even the novice user through each stage of the alignment. And if you forget how to do something, the manual is built right into the software - compare that to our competitors’ multi-page cheat sheet! With software this easy to use, training is only required for the more complicated applications.


Hamar Laser Instruments, Inc. has introduced two new systems for shaft alignment - the Stealth series S-670 and S-680 - to simplify the work of research and correction of misalignment of shafts and couplings. Laser alignment systems are characterized by the latest technologies of the future PSD super linearity, wireless communications and innovative design, making it the richest systems in the property, precisely and with reasonable price, on the market today. The S-680 is the best of the line, a system characterized by 5-axis, while the cheapest S-670 3-axis provides a rich entry level system adaptable for most standard applications.

Patented Dual-Beam™ technology reduces errors by 50%.
This breakthrough technology allows you to simultaneously measure offset and angle with only one PSD sensor, which increases PSD accuracy by 50%. It also utilizes uni-directional laser beams (2 lasers, 1 direction) that make aligning machines amazingly easy, especially on long-distance applications. Dual-Beam™ technology also provides an amazing +/- 5 degrees of angular range plus an angular resolution that is 10 times higher than the highest angular tolerance. The result? More jobs done in less time. (And happier managers!)

Standard features include:
- Bluetooth® wireless communication with a range of up to
- Long battery life lithium
- Housing sealed IP 67 for the entire system
- Resolution up to 0.5mm
- Integrated electronics
- Auto mode data collection SweepTM
- Management of tolerances
- Screen with motion graphics in 2 axes (S-670)
  or 4 axis (S-680) for monitoring in real time.
- Software Windows® Color.

The options for the reading device includes a handheld a laptop or tablet PC, depending on the system.

Easy-Guide™ software navigation
Our software Couple6 and Couple5 are every bit as brilliant as our hardware,featuring our Easy-Guide™ navigation with its easy-to-follow, high-quality color screens - leading even the novice user through each stage of the alignment.
With software this easy to use, training is only required for the the more complicated applications.

Included Software Features:
• Auto Clock™
• Auto Sweep™
• Coupled & Uncoupled Alignments
• Duo-Plane™ Live Move Screen
• E-mail Reports
• Flip-It™ Machine Graphics
• Horizontal/Vertical Machines
• PDF Report Generator
• Recommended Tolerances
• Report Software for PC
• Soft Foot Shim Calculator
• 7 Spacer Shaft Formats
• Thermal Growth at Coupling
• Thermal Growth Foot Calculator
• 2,000+ Saved Files

Optional Software Features for S670
and included Software Features for S680:

• Arc Mode™
• Bolt Bound™
• Machine Train Analysis Software
• Point Mode
• Repeatability/History
• Runout Data Analyzer
• Templates
• Uncoupled Swipe™ Mode
• User-Defined Tolerances
• Vertical Machines – Live Move

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